TODAY is the Best Day to Invite Someone to Your Worship Gathering!

By | March 23, 2016

Spring is a great time of year. The weather’s getting warmer. The trees are blooming. Everything is beginning to grow. My prayer is that your relationship with God is growing right now as well.

Easter is this Sunday. The greatest day in history celebrated by His Church each year. We all know we need to invite our friends to come hear about this Jesus that was resurrected from the dead. We know how God used the gospel message to change our life. We all want our friends to have what we have. So why is it so hard to invite people to come to your worship gathering with you?

One of the main reasons people won’t invite people is fear of rejection. Nobody wants their friends and family to reject them. We must remember why we are inviting them. We want them to come to Christ. We must put our mission over our feelings and invite our friends – TODAY.

Today is the best day to invite someone to come to your worship gathering Sunday. The reason – procrastination is a tool Satan uses to get us off task. If we wait until tomorrow, we probably will never ask.

I was having a text conversation with a friend and member of my church. She shared how she invited a friend via text message. This is a great example of how easy it is: “Hey ________! I was just thinking of you today. I’d love for you and your family to be my guests at Central Baptist Church on Easter if you don’t already have plans. I’d really love to catch up. Love __________”

Wow! That wasn’t hard at all. You could do that, couldn’t you? How’d it go over with her friend? Did she block her phone number? No, here’s the response: “Hey girl. We may just do that. I don’t have plans right now unless my mom comes up with something!”

Most people are just waiting on you to invite them! Did you hear that? Most people are just waiting on you to invite them!!!

How did my friend respond? “Awe!! I would LOVE IT!! Just so excited about what is going on at Central and I’d LOVE for you guys to be a part of it!” What a great, positive response.

God wants to work through you. TODAY is the Best Day to Invite Someone to Your Worship Gathering! Are you up to the challenge? Share how you invite people in the comments.

Photo by Kimber Shaw

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  • BNave

    I have carried a copy of this poem in my purse since 1960. Rod quotes it often, to share with others because in our lives we have found it so true and helpful in many situations and circumstances. I also added many years ago, “don’t waste your sorrows” because whatever I have been through, God has used for me to help someone else going through a similar circumstance or situation.