They Say It’s Your Birthday!

By | June 20, 2016

Today is my birthday. As I’ve gotten older, birthdays have become more times of reflection than times of celebration. I’ve been reflecting on what’s really important in life.

I’ve had some life-altering events happen recently: God’s call to Central Baptist Church, my daughter’s engagement, and the sudden death of a long time friend and ministry leader. What all this brings to my attention is that my relationship with God is the most important thing. Changes are always going to happen. How is my walk with God? How does God want to use me? Those are two of the most important things. When my walk with God is strong and vibrant, living out of His Spirit and not my flesh, all the challenges of life can be met head on. When my walk with God is right, He is using me. The two go hand in hand.

How’s your walk with God? This summer, I have challenged Central to pray two prayers every day. Now, it’s not the words of the prayers that mean anything. Praying these prayers have to come from the depth of your heart or they are fruitless.

2 Life-Changing Prayers

  1. Ask the Holy Spirit to examine your heart and reveal anything He wants to change.
  1. Ask God to show you someone to share His love with today and give you the courage, strength, resources and will to do it.

Many of us at Central have begun this prayer journey this summer. Want to have the greatest summer ever? I promise you it includes growing in your relationship to God. Are you open to giving God control and praying these prayers? God will change your life!

Going on the prayer journey with us this summer? Let me know in the comments.


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