The Heart of Fasting

By | February 29, 2016

HeartGod has called us to a season of prayer and fasting at Central Baptist Church. We are spending this week focused on God through the spiritual habits of prayer and fasting. It is an exciting time in our journey at Central!

God keeps impressing on me that our heart (or motive) for what we do is more important than the action itself. In other words, our motive behind why we are fasting and praying is more important than the action of actually fasting and praying. When the motive is right, the action carried out accomplishes a spiritual purpose. It draws us to God and grows our relationship with Him.

Previously, I have prayed and fasted for God to do things in my life. Looking back, I recognize that I was trying to get God to do what I wanted Him to do. My heart was not exactly in the right place. King David did things in a similar way. In 2 Samuel 12, because of David’s sin, God told him that the child born to him and Bathsheeba would die. The child was very sick. David prayed and fasted to try to get God to change His mind and let the child live. Although David wanted a good thing (for the child to live), it was against what God had already told him. The child died. The praying and fasting did not “twist God’s arm” to force Him to let the child live.

[pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”#76bde7″ class=”” size=””]God put a passion in his heart to restore the walls and restore the people to serve God.[/pullquote]

Our hearts must want what God wants in order for our prayer and fasting to be beneficial. God wants our times of prayer and fasting to grow our faith in Him. Nehemiah was a man with a passion for God. When he heard about the wall of Jerusalem being broken down he sat down and wept. God put a passion in his heart to restore the walls and restore the people to serve God. Nehemiah prayed and fasted about what God had already put on his heart and God brought it to pass. Can you imagine Nehemiah’s faith after God had done what God had put on his heart through prayer and fasting?

God wants to increase our faith through prayer and fasting. Here’s our purpose for praying and fasting this week: For the body of Christ at Central to seek God’s guidance together as He leads us on a new journey with Him. Also pray for personal revival and to grow your relationship with God.

God wants to stretch all of us and grow our faith. How has God used prayer and fasting in your life? What is He doing now? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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